Grech & Co. Baltic Amber Children's Necklace - Goddess Light

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Polished Light Lemon Amber with Rose Quartz and Red Garnet

Description: Crystal clear tones of translucent crystal light yellow Baltic amber beads are complimented by a delicate pink blush of rose quartz and the pomegranate like beauty of red garnet. 

Baltic amber has been worn as jewelry worldwide, for the holistic relief of pain, along with calming and health promoting benefits.  Although not scientifically proven or disproven, many people swear by the effects they experience while wearing their amber jewelry. It is commonly believed that with continuous wear, the succinic acid found within the amber enters the bloodstream from the heat of the skin. Today, many parents choose to dress their children in amber jewelry hoping to assist in the relief of ​teething pain and symptoms​, boost the immune system, and assist with other ailments such as those related to the ear, throat, and chest. The Baltic amber  of Grech & Co is lab tested Genuine Baltic amber.

Packaging: Each piece of jewelry comes with it's own cotton pouch and a certificate promising genuine natural Baltic amber beads; ideal for gift giving and safe storage.

Length Sizes: Approx. 31cm. Due to the handmade nature of this item, sizes are approximate. 

Use: Necklace

Clean & Care: Polish with a soft cloth under warm water rinse · Remove any film covering beads · Air dry · Avoid soaps and chlorine

Safety: Individually knotted beads  Screw clasp • For use by children 3 years and older, with supervision.

For other safe style wear, turn your necklace into a double wrapped anklet; Tuck anklets under the sock or full pajama

Grech & Co. Baltic Amber Children's Necklace - Goddess Light